How to Use ChatGPT: From Education and Marketing to First Aid and Workout

For a few months now, the words about ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI, have been spattering all over the Internet. All the while, people have been playing around with the magic text box at the bottom of the page discovering as many capabilities as possible. We took a deep dive into all the threads around here and picked up the most commonly used options. And it seems, there’s still a lot of pulp to be squeezed out of this powerful engine. The only advice about using the chatbot we would give you is to take everything you get from it with a grain of salt and always check the output.

Learning and Tutoring

Teachers have real concerns about the future of education: professors are catching students handing in AI-written essays as their own, and institutions are increasingly banning ChatGPT on school devices. Still, some argue that large language models won’t be willed away and that teachers should consider how to use them and benefit from the technology (which basically means reinventing the way they used to teach). Erik Brynjolfsson, professor of economics and information technology at Stanford University, sees ChatGPT as a ‘calculator for writing’. Here are some examples of how ChatGPT can help you learn (and teach) faster and more effectively without cheating.


ChatGPT can provide you with a comprehensive and simple explanation of whatever you want it to be: a theorem, a philosophical idea, or photosynthesis.

Writing Assistance

We definitely do not recommend that students cheat by turning in assignments that were generated by AI. But asking ChatGPT for help with research, spell-checking, and improvements doesn’t seem to be anything illegal. On top of that, Paul Graham, one of the co-founders of Y Combinator, came up with the idea of testing out essay topics with ChatGPT.


After you have written an essay, you can ask it for carrying out a review or suggesting ideas on how to strengthen your arguments.

It is not only students who can benefit from using ChatGPT, but teachers as well. Peter Greene, a teacher, recommends that his colleagues feed their essay prompts to the chatbot before giving them to students.

“If it can come up with an essay that you would consider a good piece of work, then that prompt should be refined, reworked, or simply scrapped”, he said in his article on Forbes.

Greene explained that algorithmically constructed essay writing should be dead and replaced by a principle where ideas, thoughts, and what you want your essay to say are the basic building block of the text. So if crafting a solid, detailed prompt for the chatbot requires a lot of effort from students, “would that not mean that they were doing something involving real learning?” – Greene asks.

Coding Assistance

The discussion about how well ChatGPT writes code is controversial. Some people are dazzled, some are shocked, and some are terrified. There are those who are skeptical. Sometimes AI-generated code looks like a good one, but in fact, it can often be wrong. That’s the reason why Stack Overflow temporarily banned AI answers on its platform last month facing the influx of content that needed to be thoroughly reviewed by moderators. However, AI can be a good mate that handles some aspects of coding that require human oversight.

Writing and debugging Code

ChatGPT is able to perfectly nail a lot of technical tasks from fixing bugs, simplifying, translating, or improving your code to creating WordPress plugins, assisting in game development, or building a virtual machine right inside the chat.

Explaining Code

And vice versa: send the chatbot a piece of code and ask it to explain what it does.

Writing Documentation

One of the most time-consuming tasks a developer faces, and one that takes them away from coding, is writing code documentation. AI can ease the burden of development and let you focus on the creative part of your work.

Content Creating and Marketing Assistance

The idea making the rounds on Twitter is “AI won’t replace humans. A human using AI will”. Along with this one: “Pretty much every smart person I know has a ChatGPT tab open while they work now. Amazing how fast that happened”. ChatGPT has already become a must-have tool for anyone who work with texts. Here’s what it does.

Brainstorm and Research Assistance

In one of our previous articles, we carried out an experiment using ChatGPT to create a marketing campaign. It showed that the algorithm can perform marketing tasks very well. If you provide detailed input, it will come up with good ideas. After you get the results, you need to consider reviewing, examining, and polishing them. It also works as well for a brainstorming session – ask the chatbot to share ideas for your blog posts or think of ways to solve a problem.

As mentioned in the section on education, ChatGPT is a great tool for providing feedback and giving ideas on how to improve a student’s essay. Content creators can also add this feature to their professional toolkits. Ask the chatbot to enrich your content with facts and statistics. This will be a great way to support your argument and add depth to your points. Don’t forget to fact-check – AI is prone to making things up.

writing Assistance

AI has shown an impressive ability to create plausible text – from fairytales to blog posts, marketing copies, and emails (check out this ironic, but fair representation of what the future of email would be like). While some news sites have already used AI to write articles (and some of them have stopped doing so), we wouldn’t say that ChatGPT is a tool that writers can completely rely on. It still has limitations and biases and sometimes provides incorrect answers that should be fact-checked before use.

However, when it comes to assisting in stringing words together, it does a good job. It can help you choose the right word, rephrase a statement in a more sophisticated way, or suggest a phrase that fits your tone.


Finally, ask ChatGPT to correct grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes in your writing piece. It also can also provide an explanation of the changes it has made.

Productivity and Personal Assistance


If you send ChatGPT a piece of text, a long article, or a book, and ask it to summarize it, it will extract the main points and save you a lot of time. What’s more, some users have gone even further and opened up an ability to create a summary of meetings. Good news for those who can’t stand spending hours writing endless meeting reports.


ChatGPT is able to understand and write English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and many more. However, proficiency may vary – it depends on the amount of text data that was used for training. As the chatbot itself admits, its ‘translations capabilities are not as good as professional translator or specialized tools’, but it can handle simple phrases.

Making Tables

It seems hidden in plain sight, but ChatGPT can create tables of data using HTML and CSS. Even though it doesn’t work in the same way as a spreadsheet program, it can still be useful if you need to organize some information.


Despite sometimes being biased, offering information that may be inaccurate, and having other limitations, this cutting-edge technology is considered a real threat to Google’s dominance in the search engine market. In addition, there is a lot of concern for Q&A sites such as Quora, StackOverflow, and others. ChatGPT is good enough to give short and clear answers to questions that would be buried under a ton of ads, irrelevant information, and junk websites if you googled them.

Business Counselling

ChatGPT can be ‘hired’ as a business consultant. Here are some tricks for using ChatGPT to make decisions that will help grow your business or reduce the necessary but daunting routine before you hire a lawyer and business consultant.

Generating Legal Templates

The Chinese government plans to leverage AI to support and enhance its legal services by 2025. Why wouldn’t entrepreneurs use AI to improve the legal aspects of their businesses? It can craft legal templates such as Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Employment Contracts, and more.


There are companies out there that have already been testing chatbots in the business consulting space. Amazon employees have found ChatGPT to be ‘very strong’ on corporate strategy questions, Business Insider reported.

Health and Wellbeing

AI can serve as an assistant to help you maintain your routine, from organizing a party to scheduling a workout or providing first aid advice. Here are some examples of what you can ask it to do.

First Aid

Googling symptoms is not a good idea, nor is asking ChatGPT to diagnose diseases based on a text prompt describing your condition. But when it comes to first aid, both Google and ChatGPT can be helpful, with some limitations.

While the first one, in fact, sends you to websites and forums, the second one contains warnings, emphasizes the importance of calling an ambulance, and gives a short step-by-step guide to follow before medical help arrives. Google offers you many resources, and you decide who you trust and where you go for help. ChatGPT is straightforward and fast, but the thing is, there is always the possibility of misinformation. Well, the choice is kind of being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, but still better than nothing.


As your personal health coach, ChatGPT can help you with a wide range of tasks, from creating a weight loss and workout plan to creating a meal plan and a grocery list. It can also provide you with recipes according to your meal plan.

The list tends to be a bit messy: pairing coding and healthcare, business domains and cognitive techniques – it’s like chalk and cheese. But it shows just how infinite AI’s horizons are yet to expand.

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