Introducing Wonderslide: Fast Presentation Design, Powered by AI

Everypixel (the company behind the Everypixel Journal) announced the release of Wonderslide, a groundbreaking AI-powered tool that allows users to effortlessly create stunning presentations from basic .pptx drafts at lightning speed. This project is the result of the company’s efforts in the field of creative technologies – the field that Everypixel has been always focused on, supported and invested in.

What is Wonderslide?

Traditionally, it takes an average of 120 minutes to create a 10-slide presentation, and only 10% of that time is spent researching, gathering information, and writing the core content, while the other 90% is spent packaging that content — switching templates, designing, formatting, creating graphics and searching for relevant visuals.

Wonderslide revolutionizes this process by leveraging AI to handle 90% of the design work, allowing users to focus on the content aspects of their presentations and eliminating the need for manual template selection, customization, and endless searching for appropriate visuals and elements.

The AI designer seamlessly applies the content to the design layout, selecting the right color schemes, images, and icons. It also provides the best font and layout combination to work well together and places all these visual blocks in the layout according to the principles of the golden ratio. These tasks may seem like a delicate art, beyond the reach of non-professional designers, but easy for an algorithm to accomplish.

At the core of the product is a system of neural networks trained to analyze, understand and create different types of content, including text, images, icons, color schemes, and slide structures. Two neural networks were trained to analyze and structure the content and optimize it for presentation purposes. In addition, the ChatGPT API helps to highlight key points and condense the text. Another model then finds images and icons that match the author’s ideas. As a result, the service provides multiple slide versions for users to choose from. Once satisfied, they can download the editable file, which can be further adjusted and polished in PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote.

“Years ago, instead of reading a book to my daughter, I found myself creating slides for meetings and conferences. “There must be a way to automate this routine,” I thought. We had little more than a dream when we were just starting — a dream to stop wasting precious time on presentations. 

Traditional software like PowerPoint or Google Slides can be thought of as a giant box of tools tailored for experienced presentation design professionals. They are versatile and customizable, but require a lot of manual effort and skills. 

We set out to build a product that would revolutionize the presentation design process and automate the entire process for people who are not PowerPoint wizards but need to create slides on a regular basis — from sales managers, HR managers, and marketers to teachers, professors, and students. With Wonderslide, they can focus on the core of their presentation and other important tasks while neural networks take care of 90% of the design routine”

Renat Abyasov, CEO of Wonderslide.

How It Works

Let’s take a look at how the Wonderslide magic works. You’re literally 3 steps away from having great-looking slides — here’s how to make them with the AI designer.

  1. Upload a basic draft — the black text on a white background with up to 3 images on a slide. If you have a list, it should be up to 6 items of equal length. Remember the guiding principle for any presentation: one slide — one idea. 
  1. Choose a color scheme and style for your future presentation — those that best match your brand identity and help convey messages in the most effective way. Upload your logo, if applicable, then select the font and theme for visual assets. Based on the latter, the algorithm will pick up images that fit the theme of your presentation. Hit “Generate” — and wait up to 10 seconds for the magic to happen (seriously, we measured the time!). It’s not long enough to pour a cup of coffee, but you’ll definitely find the time for that.
  1. Now your presentation is almost finished. All you have to do is polish it if you want to: change the background, color scheme, or slide layout, replace images, or leave it as it is. The last step is to download the file and make your final edits. Don’t go too far, otherwise, you’re going to miss your coffee break.

17,000+ Presentations Created. What’s Next?

Wonderslide has already made waves in its beta phase — users have created more than 17,000 presentations with the help of the AI designer. Meanwhile, the team has exciting plans for the future. They are actively working on training algorithms to create impressive graphs and charts from users’ data, expanding the platform’s capabilities. Additionally, Wonderslide will introduce editing and collaboration features to make it easier for teams to work together in one place.

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Together, we’re shaping the future of presentations that are fast and easy to create!

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