Everypixel Unveils New AI Editor for Video 

Everypixel (a company behind the Everypixel Journal) has started collecting sign-ups to join a beta version of Everypixel Workroom, a software that combines a number of AI algorithms for video editing. The platform allows creators to perform a wide range of video creation tasks in one place, working with two essential components of video – image and voice.

The service brings together AI tools for face-swapping, lip-syncing, voice generation, and more. By combining these tools, users will be able to modify, customize and localize their content to reach a broader audience, increase awareness, and unleash their creative potential.

For example, the FaceSwap tool and AI Interpreter help users to replace characters in their footage and generate new voice-overs from the extensive library of more than 50 voices in multiple languages. As a result, creators can easily switch their content between countries and cultures by distributing it worldwide without lengthy and expensive production processes. Or they can modify any existing video without having to recreate it from scratch using the LipSync algorithm. It creates a new voice-over based on an AI-generated or user-recorded audio track and seamlessly synchronizes it with the lip movements, as in the James Bond examples below.

As a company with an extensive background in content creation and building technologies that help to reduce the time and cost of the creative workflow, Everypixel expects to attract professional content creators such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube bloggers, as well as brands that use video in their marketing, sales, internal communications, educational efforts and more. With its template-less nature, the Everypixel Workroom provides a unified space, where creators are not limited by frames and use cases and can leverage AI capabilities for different needs, from localization to AI persona creation.

To be among the first users, you can submit your email through the form. The company offers three paid subscription plans based on the length of the video being edited, while editing up to 30 seconds of video is free. Early bird pricing is currently available on the website.

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